LSOF: The Carried Burden

Driving down a desolate road last night with my man, we passed a girl walking.
It was about dark, and I saw that she didn’t have a vehicle close or place to walk to at short distance.
I told Mark to turn around and ask her if we could help her.
She looked so scared when we pulled up next to her. She was talking on the cell phone.
I put the window down and asked, ” Do you need a ride somewhere?”
She happen to be talking to her mom on the phone and pretty much threw me the phone saying,
” Please talk to my mom so she can get to me.”
I talked to her mom and told her that there was a gas station we could meet her at a few miles up.
As soon as we got off the phone the girl then asked if we could go back a mile and get her clothes
she had thrown in the bushes. We went back and got them.
I started conversation with her and asked, ” What happen to you?”
She started to tell me about a guy she met a few days ago, who wouldn’t take her home,
she also said, ” I’ve been doing this 6 years and never have had such a scary experience.”
Apparently this man she was with was planning on running off with her. She told me she practically
jumped out of the car.
I couldn’t help but be concerned with her ” line of work”, and I told her that if she ever needed a friend
or someone to talk to where our church was located. She immediately became defensive,
” I don’t need saving, I go to church.”
So I then told her that it had nothing to do with trying to save her. I told her that sometimes we just
need people to listen to us, and to understand where we come from. Sometimes we just need
She then said to me, ” I do want to get out of what I’m doing, I want to be a mom someday,
but it’s good money.”
I then told her about the rainbow. How we all have situations that happen to us in our lives
that make us choose to do certain things, but just like the colors in a rainbow
God can make it maginify tenfold and turn out to beautiful in the end.
She then said to me, ” I wonder if sometimes what I’ve been through, that there was a reason for it. Like maybe I can
help someonelse one day”
I said immediately, ” That is exactly the reason you went through it.”
She looked at me in shock…as if that was the first time she has ever heard that.
We met up with her mom at the gas station who probably said ” God Bless You” to me and Mark maybe 10 times,
and as the girl got out of the truck she said, ” If I ever write a book about my life,
You will be in it.” and she thanked me again and got out of the truck.

I am quite sure God poured a major lesson last night in that situation that happen.

I think we’ve all found ourselves walking on the side of the road in the dark in a sense.
I think we’ve all come to the point that we just found ourselves on a stretch of wilderness,
that we didn’t know why we had come to that point, but we had.

I was listening to two messages today, one from Grace Uprising and Seacoast and this verse was used in both of them:

Phillipians 4:11-13(ESV)

Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content. I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need. I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

I think sometimes we are so ashamed of the burden we carry that it continues to grow until we can’t carry it anymore,
until we have to “throw it in the bushes” until we can get back to it. Until we can deal with it again.

When the girl said, ” I don’t need saving, I go to church.” it broke my heart. I saw it in her eyes that she has been judged
before, and perceived Christians to be that way.
But we as Christians, we carry burdens too…and we have been where she has been in a sense.

We don’t share with others that we are dealing with “something” because we are afraid of being ” judged” even though
we are taught not to judge. We are taught it, yet we believe other Christians will judge still.

I have a friend who is a believer who did something that other Christians may look down at them for, and its something simple
and not a big deal, but there are people out there that would have other things to say about it. I know that,
she knows that.

I am glad I allowed God to raise me. I am glad that God taught me that there are people placed in my life to help carry my burdens, that we are here to help each other. We are here to share in the sufferings, and also the joys.

I wish so much I could have given that girl a hug and prayed with her last night. But I want to believe in my heart
that Jesus was there in that small time. I pray that she saw Him and not me talking to her.

The girl taught me a huge lesson too. She taught me that in the real struggles we face in life, that they are completely meaningless to what God has called us to do. That regardless of what we feel we haven’t accomplished, by doing as
asked by God…we can overcome the world with LOVE.

Thank you to my friend I met last night on the road. If I write a book, you would be written there too…
but you will also be in my heart, and I will continue to pray for you.
Remember…there is a reason you have gone through it…someonelse needs to hear your story one day…
Keep your head up.

Matthew 11:28
Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.


4 thoughts on “LSOF: The Carried Burden

  1. Angie,

    That was well it just makes me speechless! God is funny and shows Himself in the oddest of moments but one thing that is infinitely true – she still has dignity! Thank you for sharing this story and it will be forever in my heart as well.



  2. Wow!!! Awesome story! I just love you and your compassionate heart!!! You are truly amazing and I’m so glad we finally got to meet in person!!!


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