LSOF: Part 1- Begging for Joy

I had walked into Publix one day. I think I must have been looking for a gift for someone; I am not quite sure now,
but I do remember gravitating towards something quite unique and beautiful within the flower bouquets.

It was a full bouquet of red roses, and in the middle of all of them, was a single white rose.
This rose had its own perfection, and was pure white…
I am not quite sure how this phenomenon happened that day, but I can tell you,
there was a lesson placed right in front of me.

Was it that the white rose was overwhelmed by the red roses, or was the red roses overcome
by the white rose? One rose…stood out in color over a dozen red.

I think deep down that people regardless of what background of life they come from; while they like
to be like everyonelse, because its comfortable…somewhere within them cries out to be different, to
be their own individual.

But they know standing out is a lot harder to do, and would cause them more ridicule then they want
to deal with.

Still though. They wish they had a different lifestyle, they wish they had the strength to pull
themselves out of the pit they are in.

Call it a moment to moment sudden desperation, or Begging for joy.

I know so often we look to others who have addictions, as people who are weak, and just worthless to help.
But what if we started to look at them like our own addiction…we are addicted to humanity as they are.
If we say we aren’t, then we are not being honest. If even to the slightest degree, we have been affected
daily by the world around us.

I am not quite sure if you have heard of the story of Jesus healing the blind man.
A man who had been sitting by a gate called, ” Beautiful” begged daily for people to give
him food, and to help him with his way of living. As back then, there were no guides to help
the blind, and more than likely the blind were seen as a disease, and others just passed them by.
I wonder if this man had one friend in the world.

What if we saw people who may not know the “joy” we do as the blind as the song
“Amazing Grace” says? What if we saw them as beggars to “see?”

I have a loved one who is dealing with this very thing right now. He is “blind” as far as how he
has gone about dealing with things in his life. And has realized that he has been looking in all the wrong

I know its a struggle for him, but I also have to understand where He is at. I also have to realize that
I can’t heal him. Only God can. But he has to have that want to “see”.

Anyone can pray and say they believe in God, but it takes a person who has lost himself completely to
the understanding that he is not in control of his life, and it takes more than belief to go on living,
and really even go on believing.

If someone has a “problem” in their life, regardless of
what it is, if they are convicted in their heart that they are doing “wrong”, then there is hope,
and if not…there is still hope. Never give up. No one gave up on you.

But if you are struggling in dealing with people who are wayward, and just don’t seem to “get it”.
Love them anyway, but continue believing and living the life you have to this point.
You are not God.

My hope from this post is that people would stop looking “down” on others and instead find a way to
build them up and encourage them where they are. We don’t have to force them to read the Bible
or go to church, maybe we just need to try sitting next to them where they seem to be “begging”
and introduce our story.

Give a little. His joy is our strength in every situation…let Him be in that one too.

One thought on “LSOF: Part 1- Begging for Joy

  1. This message spoke to my heart this morning. I could see myself on both sides of the story. Jesus lives in my heart! But I have seen that. Christians can hurt each other too. Thank you for the post today.


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