My One Word

There is this website called, ” My One Word”,….and it is an amazing place to check out.
Basically we all have a certain one word that will propel us into the next moment, hr, day, month, and year…

For me that word is “SUSTAIN”.

One of my mentors told me God would speak to her in “one word”, and I can tell you in all honesty,
He really does that, because I’ve experienced it!

I have mentioned this word in earlier posts, but I have to tell you, if you really were to look into it a little,
if you were to really place the scenes of your life inside of this word, and see how it has applied to your life…

You would be overwhelmed. So here’s what I would say about ” Sustain”.

Right this moment all parts of the universe are being birthed into new and dying…stars, planets, and galaxies.
Right this moment, earth is turning, and the moon and sun both make their appearance at all times…
Right this moment, there are clouds moving themselves over land or water, already shedding their tears,
or building the formation.
Right this moment, oceans nestle all kinds of life all the way from the surface to the depths…
Right this moment, wild life creep through the treacherous parts of the Amazon…
Right this moment, A baby is being born
Right this moment, someone has died
Right this moment, a person smiles again for the first time in years
Right this moment, another is in despair and tears
Right this moment, music settles a soul
Right this moment, someone learns how to sing
Right this moment, someone is writing a novel
Right this moment, someone’s life is being changed by words..

Right this moment, God is sustaining us through everything…as He has in the beginning, as He will continue to do until the we take our last breath.

What I am learning ultimately, if we just place our lives in God’s hands. If we just would stop ASKING Him to do things for us,
but let our lives run the course He has planned, then maybe we will find that are prayer were already answered in situations, before we even prayed.

Because God will sustain us even BEFORE we need to overcome something, He will sustain us because He has already
seen the outcome…

He is holding His hands out, Give all of it up to Him…Release every little negative thought or feeling about yourself, or perhaps
someone close to you…He can handle it.


I believe it with all my heart, God will sustain me.

Jeremiah 29:11:)

2 thoughts on “My One Word

  1. BEAUTIFUL post!
    I am honestly so moved by this powerful reminder of God’s awesome love for us. Thank you!

    ~ ~


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