LSOF: One step at a time…

When I was a child my mother made a picture of steps. She explained to me that each step would represent something in my life, from the time I was born up to that point, when I believe I was starting Kindergarten.
She also continued writing over the steps after that, “junior high, high school, graduation, college, marriage, children…”

I am right now currently still on the “college” step, and this semester will end with the Associate of Arts degree.

But even though I haven’t taken all the steps that were drawn for me at that time, I am still stepping:)

There is this concept I was thinking the other day about how much we “prepare” for things in our lives, and think because we prepare that we are “ready” to do the thing…

That is not necessarily the truth.

I have a friend who now has her Doctorate. She has wanted this degree since she graduated from high school.
She started teaching middle school, then high school, and decided after that her definite goal to become a professor would be reached.

She is more prepared to do this position than she ever has been in her life…but the job is not there.

I think sometimes the reason we feel so “discouraged” is because we always seem to think of the “what ifs”,
and “what if” I told you…regardless, of what you could have said or done,
the same answer would stand?

I’ve learned over the last year or so that you can believe with everything inside you that you are ready to do something,
ready to take the next step to success in your life, but have you ever thought that maybe that step isn’t finished yet?
Maybe you are done preparing, maybe you have everything organized and believe to be ready to go…
but for some reason…stuff is just not happening.

Maybe the reason you haven’t been able to step to the “ready” step is because if you did, something else in your life,
would not be at a balance. Whether its family, or work, or whatever the case may be.

So my advice is, really sit and pray to God and ask Him as you continue to prepare, that He would give you the wisdom to do all He asks of you, to reach the next step.

Every step is after all, about faith.

He will not let your foot slip—
he who watches over you will not slumber;(Psalm 121:3)

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