LSOF: The fight is not ours

I love to look at bible verses that encourage me, and help me to know and remember how powerful our God really is;
not that we could actually fathom that in completeness, but I love to just be blown away by Him at times.

Did you know that in Exodus 14:14(NLT) it actually says,
” The Lord, HIMSELF will FIGHT for YOU, You only need to only stay calm.”

REALLY? Really is that all we have to do is just be calm and let God handle everything going on with us.


The more we actually give God a chance to take ahold of the things going on in our lives, the better our lives will be.
It will be BETTER, because we will be giving ourselves PEACE. We honestly leave our issues, are situations, and our problems with God and say…

” YOU LORD ALONE know how to deal with this. It is your fight, it is not mine. I can overcome this, I can get passed it…
Because You are God and NOTHING is too hard for you! Mountains tremble and fall into the oceans before you. Rulers fall to their face in your presence. The earth is yours and everything in IT. Help all of us Lord to overcome the evil one, Help us all Lord to not be discouraged by our days. You are our shield, our sword, and our REDEEMER. You take our lives from the pit and make them anew. You search us, and you know us. Let your heart be our DIRECTION Father…let us leave our weapons on the ground, and let YOU move ahead of us…”

I know that wars are fought with weapons overseas. But I also know that for every bullet fired, that there is someone on their knees praying. Weapons alone do not destroy, it is our reverence for God. It is us knowing every heartbeat should be in belief that we cannot stand where we are without HIM.

I was sitting in church today, and we were singing the song, ” Everything” – ” Your all that I want, your all that I need, your everything, everything…”

And I felt myself not only sing that song, but feel it from my heart towards heaven. I couldn’t say it loud enough!
He is EVERYTHING. HE is ALL we NEED. We only need to trust Him that He knows better!

I went into the prayer center right after church, my heart was full. I love my time spent with Him.
I passed a man who was on the side of the church smoking. He jumped when he saw me, ” I didn’t know anyone would come by here.” and I just looked at him and said, ” It’s okay.” and walked inside. His look on his face showed “shame”, and it got me thinking more HOW again EVERYTHING is God’s fight. Even our addictions. I mean we ALL have our addictions.

I walked inside and I sat down, and I looked at the portrait of Jesus. And I just started to say, ” Lord, I know I’m trying, and I admit I’m not trying hard enough, but YOU Lord, I know you can help me to do better.”

I also shared with Him about someone in my life struggling right now with a lot, and I finally said,
” I need to leave this with you, because you are the one in this battle for them, not me.”
Because I am sure that’s what the Spirit put in my heart to say.
I know I need to. I can’t make anyone’s life better. It is God alone who can.

The fight is not ours my friends. We can think that we can handle it better…and then that is when we find ourselves on the ground. We become sad. We become deeply depressed. We quit having motivation for anything…
We eventually put a stopper in the flow of the Holy Spirit pouring into our lives.

We may not face physical battles, but I know there are spiritual ones, and mental ones going on inside of all of us,
I don’t care who you are…you are fighting something today too.

Let HIM fight for you. Let HIM take all of it on. HE can handle it.

In Isaiah 40:26 it says that God placed every star in the sky and calls them each by name…every star.
And it is His strength and power alone that keeps them where they are, and from falling…

He WILL do the same for us.

We just have to remember our battle is the Lord’s.

He’ll take it from there.

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