LSOF: Rebuild, Restore, and Renew

They will rebuild the ancient ruins and
restore the places long devestated,
they will renew the ruined cities that
have been devestated for generations.
(Isaiah 61:4)

I was doing Day one, Week 4 of ” Breaking Free”, and as I looked at the bible verse to memorize, Instead I took it in,
and saw deeper meaning. He rebuilds, restore, and renews us…in HIS time, but in perfect time, by a perfect plan.

REBUILD: Piece by piece work through every emotion until things are real.

ANCIENT RUINS: Places that are broken by life, swept up, and put back together by His Spirit.

RESTORE: Darkness eliminated by sunshine through the window of faith.

RENEW: Start from the place you are, until you can stand again.

RUINED CITIES: The past in pieces; only keep what won’t bring pain along the journey.

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