LSOF: Deeper Still Moments Part 2: ” Living it out”


I FINALLY have some free time to share about Deeper Still. I will add notes from Kay Arthur after this post, I just wanted to give you my take on the rest of the first night. (Yes, we are on Part 2 of the first night!)

Travis Cottrell and the team brought it with worship…Kay Arthur brought it with her message…and the entire night was just amazing…I kept thinking to myself, ” I’m really here, aren’t I?” it was just awesome.

After the conference was over I headed up to the room, and me, my roomies were deciding on food…however, it turned out I was the only REALLY hungry one…thankfully a friend made me eat before the Kay’s message…or I probably would have passed out. A sidenote to share would be during praise and worship, I am a bouncing fool…I cannot just stand, or sway…I am always moving my feet, and dancing around…so this would be why I’m glad I had something before it!:)

I went downstairs and took a breather in the night air. It was definitely cold, but not humidity sort of cold like Florida.
I saw a woman who was standing outside too smoking. I felt God push me to go up to her. I started the conversation,
” It’s pretty cold out here.” and she immediately responded and added, ” At least that conference is over with” or something to that extent.
I mean WHOOSH, seriously, God had given me a serious oppurtunity, and I was like ” Please Lord, give me the right words, if I am to speak to this person.”
I normally babble on a lot, sometimes I wonder if I make sense at all…sorta like now:)

I let her speak first though, by asking the simple, ” You didn’t like it, why?” (I’m not normally this nosey.)
She flat out told me, ” I don’t want to go back for the second day.”

She told me that she was going through a divorce, and Kay Arthur spoke in her message about God saying you shouldn’t get divorced. I didn’t actually remember that part of her message though, other than what it says Biblically…
so I was general with her.
I told her that God was speaking to her, but she wasn’t hearing everything He was telling her.
I told her how the speakers at the conference have helped God Do LIFE CHANGING things in my life!

And I said to her, ” God will never show you a problem, without providing a solution.”

I’ve never been so bold with a person in my life, especially someone I didn’t know, but it was like “word vomit” it just kept coming, and so I just kept speaking.

I told her about God’s Word, and how it is how we live our lives…that its like breadcrumbs to help us go on through each day.
I told her about my Ephesians 3:20-21 story…and how last Deeper Still helped God push me to be obedient to what He was asking me to do. I told her every part of moving to Savannah, and coming back to Florida…
and I know you are wondering if she got a word in…here’s what she said next.

She told me that she was in an abusive marriage, and wasn’t going to be able to leave until May, because then he would get the house.

Word vomit again(I’m sorry if this is a scary visual, but you’ve been there haven’t you?)-

” Do you have children?” – She said “yes.”
” Have they seen him hit you?” She said “yes.”
” Do you have anywhere else you can go?” She said, “yes.”

I flat out said, ” You need to get out of that house, and don’t worry about if he is going to keep it or not,
that’s not your concern as much as it is for the well-being of your children. If you don’t, they are going to have
serious emotional problems.”

I added a little of my life story…just to show her what happens to a child emotionally when you think,
” They are just fine.”

I think we both stood there wide-eyed at the whole conversation, I couldn’t believe I had said most of it,
and I don’t think she believed that I did!

At the end of the conversation, because in my heart I felt I needed God to take it from there,
she told me that she did believe God was speaking to her, and that she was just being stubborn.
She also told me that she was going to talk to her friend about getting herself out of the situation she was in.

She thanked me for talking to her. And I went back inside. I realized that I never told her my name.
And I felt God tell my heart, ” It wasn’t about that.”

I hope you will pray for this woman with me, and for her children. Pray that she can discern God’s voice, and have clear understanding. Pray that she relies on Him, and trusts HIM in her life…Pray that there are no distractions, and there is no discouragement in her path…Pray for her!

As I was walking up to the room I got a text from Fran to meet her downstairs…and that’s when the 12:15am conversation happened.

I will leave it here, because that conversation leads into Priscilla’s message.


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