LSOF: ” I will rest in You.”

My internal alarm has been waking me up at 6:14am, on the dot…every morning!
I open my eyes, and turn on the light and read my devotional for the day.
I know myself, I am someone who thinks so deep first thing in the morning, so I take in
that devotional like water. ” Jesus Calling” by: Sarah Young, is a PHENOMENAL devotion to read.
This morning was a little different in the way I woke up.
I was pre-occupied with some stuff going on in my life right now.
A lot of it is quite hard to take in.
I have a new church, I have a new job, and I am seeing some people who
I would least have thought, be uprooted from my life…its a season that
is a rough one for sure.
God laid it on my heart to do a message on, ” Rest”, and I was like,
” Lord, I am sorry, but that is not something I know about.”
and I heard Him speak to my heart, ” That’s the point.”
And when it comes to God, I want to tell you sometimes He has to smack me upside the head
to give a message.
This one is one of them.

With everything going on in this little world of mine, I can tell you, I am having a hard time focusing
on God, and trusting in His plan for me. Since 2010 when I moved back from Savannah…one of my best friends died, my pastor and his family moved, I had to start at a minimum wage job, I had come back to live with my parents, I learned a lot about my past, I didn’t make it as far as I wanted to in school, I left my church…These are all HUGE things that I know if I were to focus on and remember each one by one…
I would drive myself crazy!
God doesn’t want us to focus on the stuff that goes on in our lives, He wants us to focus on the ” next part” of it all…what He has planned yet, we cannot see.
However, that’s not to say that we shouldnt’ focus on the things we need to be healed from.
But we have to go through them with God, and with someone who can listen and help us to grow
from the pain, instead of growing WITH the pain.

Picture for a moment the way a space shuttle goes in the sky.
It has “rocket boosters” and they stay with the shuttle until a certain time,
the rest falls into the ocean. The shuttle keeps going and keeps its speed without
So think again of our “pain”, or in some cases, ” our past…”
While its apart of us, it is NOT. We have to get ourselves to understand
that God is sovereign over all of it…and He doesn’t want us to continue to carry the pain,
He wants to take it from us. Sometimes we have our pain, our past…whatever it is…
sometimes it drives our life.
But a constant trying to ” use” it to rise above life…its only going
to work for so long.
It will at the very least, keep us going in circles.

Let God help you grow from the pain…by helping you through it. Right now, this moment
whatever you are dealing with…let God bring His peace…Let it settle over you.
I promise you, that you are not alone…and that I know how hard it is to overcome yourself.
We are our worst enemy. We tear ourselves down, and destroy ourselves before anyonelse has a chance.
We let ourselves be defeated….there is no rest in defeat.
No matter who you are.

A visual way to think of how to focus on Jesus taking the junk, and resting in Him…
My old pastor once told me to draw a circle, and on the inside put all the junk that is bothering you..
and then write ” Jesus” on the outside of the circle.
He also said, ” How can Jesus have a chance to get in and heal you of all this, if you won’t even let Him be a thought in your mind.”

Now things get crazy, that’s a reality, but in our reality our faith will help us overcome…
and we overcome by laying it at His feet, and saying,
” Lord, I rest in you…Please Lord, put this to rest for me.”

And you will be amazed with how the situation, problem, pain..etc, just seems to disappear
slowly from your life.

I also wanted to mention something about the word, “REST” that I noticed as I was writing this.
REST is apart of the word RESTORE.

So it takes us giving to God, before He can RESTORE our lives.

Just think about it.

Matthew 11:28(HCHB Bible)
Come to Me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest

One thought on “LSOF: ” I will rest in You.”

  1. remember- God doesn’t give us things we are not equipt to handle. that’s how we find our true strength – going through things we think we can’t handle but God knows we can as long as we have.. oh, what’s that word again..?
    oh, yeah..FAITH.. 🙂

    some things, and some people, we will never understand.. we aren’t ment to.. we can’t understand why some people cannot heal, or do not want to heal (or “rest” :P), and those people we cannot change. just pray and hope for them and send your love even though it’s hard. remember the people who push us away are usually the people who can’t handle the love we give and cannot rest from their demons. some people don’t know what it’s like not to have those demons to deal with and therefore always keep them around for comfort. we can’t help that, we can’t fix that, and we can’t attach ourselves to that. we cannot make them rest.
    God has a plan for us, no matter who or what gets in the way. we might not understand, and it might be hard to deal with, but, in the wise words of gandolph ‘This too, shall pass”. 🙂 love you, my dearest angie. 🙂

    And God does too. 🙂


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