LSOF: Blog-o-versary

April 6, 2006-
I created ” Little Steps Of Faith”
I would never have believed it would become something that would be so dear and important to me:)

In case you are interested

my first post 🙂

I love being apart of blogworld so much! I have had a chance to meet people and connect with people I would never have been able to do on my own! I love those unique friendships that happened in that way 🙂

And I have to shout out to my siestas that I have been able to know through Beth Moore’s blog Beth Moore- LPM blog

But most importantly, I created this blog to just get thoughts out of my brain. It was all stream of consciousness…and it came together on it’s own.
I never expected this to become it’s own ministry. I never expected I would receive emails, and comments from people who wanted me to pray for them and share their stories, their rough life stories.

So thank you to all have been so encouraging about my writing and as I’ve shared my heart with you.

Looking forward to getting rid of this computer virus and coming back to ya!


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