LSOF: The Perception of Faith

“ Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.”

– Camille Pissarro

Have you ever taken a moment to lay on the grass and gaze at the shapes of the clouds in the sky?
And sometimes while you are looking you begin to picture different things inside them.
And maybe I can even go as far as saying, “You see right away, what you want to see.”

This would be how our perceptions or ideas of faith have come to be in our lives.
We believe what we want to believe, because what we believe works for us.

I had a friend say to me that she wasn’t sure if it was okay how she believed, because she
was raised by two different religions.  I told her that both religions spoke of Jesus,
and both were in line with what the Bible spoke about Him,
But that it really came down to her own heart.

What did her faith make her see?
Because the teachings might be wonderful and full of hope,
but if it didn’t ignite her own heart to follow them, then was it really okay in the WAY she was

I am always going to be one who stands up for anyone who believes in Jesus. I am going to encourage
them, and let them know “belief” goes beyond what you read in the Bible, and it goes beyond what others say.  IT IS UP TO YOU.

No one can make you see God for yourself, you have to experience Him on your own.

I can’t help, but wonder when Moses went up to the mount and the glory of the Lord was revealed to him through a burning bush, I can’t help but wonder if others came there with him,
if they would have even noticed the bush was burning.

And perhaps they would have noticed the burning bush, but would they have
seen the glory of God?

Our perception of faith begins inside of us. There is no perception if we cannot grasp what we truly

Think to yourself today.
What does my faith look like to me?
Is it SOLID? Meaning, do the teachings change?
Does it keep me in line with what I need to do in my life?
Does it offer hope? And have others experienced it?
Do I have a relationship with God through what I’ve learned and been taught?
Is it real?

We will touch more on this soon, for now just chew on it for a bit:)

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