LSOF: The Perception of being Wrong

I am pretty sure I am not going to receive many hits on this post, because who wants to read about being wrong? Close to nobody…pretty much including me.
But let me tell you something God brought to my heart today…being wrong is sometimes the right thing to be.

Let me explain.

It is Easter weekend…Jesus died on Good Friday, because He was accused of being wrong by others.
Did He put up a fight? Did He stand there shouting at the crowds defending Himself?


He carried a cross on His back after taking thirty-nine lashes to His body by all kinds of things.
He knew He was right. He knew He could easily try to speak up for Himself. He could have easily
performed miracles before them. But He would never be right in their eyes.

They still would believe He was a blasphemer. Regardless.

We have to learn that sometimes we will not be heard. Sometimes we will not be seen the way we want to be. Sometimes our entire lives can change over one simple word, or something we did.

Have you ever experienced a moment in time where you had said something, and for some reason you just could not get it to come out right? That’s what I mean. You probably experienced someone taking out of context what you intended to say. And to this day that relationship has not mended, because
that person refuses to believe otherwise.

We are all carrying our own crosses, and sometimes we bare other people’s too.
Sometimes we allow their suffering that they believed we have caused them to pile up
on top of our back. We take their lashes. We take their words. We let them at us, because
we know there is nothing more we can say or do to change what they have set in stone
in thinking.

I think being wrong to others and just taking the title for their sake…
shows true humility.

So instead of looking at a situation with someone and saying, ” But I wish they would just
understand what I meant…”
Instead, when you know there is nothing more to say…
just turn around and walk away.

We are going to come face to face with people who KNOW everything. They haven’t been wrong
since birth. We know they clearly have been…but we can’t account for their character.

We just need to keep ours in check.

Carry your cross proudly.

You have a God who says you are right in His eyes.

2 thoughts on “LSOF: The Perception of being Wrong

  1. Excellent! This is so true. We cannot change everything people feel about us. We are in good company, as you point out. I have a relationship in my past that sadly went by the wayside. Nothing I have done has mended it. I’ve finally had to accept that it is as it is. I walk away, as you have said, and I am at peace. Not everything can end well. We will not always be understood, and that is OK. This post is so succinct and well put.


    1. Thank you. My goal here is to help people to really quit beating themselves up on the personal issues others have with them. Sometimes its just due to others fears that cause them to see us differently than we should be seen…
      and its sad. But it is life. Thankful for Jesus. 🙂


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