LSOF: The Perception of God’s Voice

This is a concept that I have had streaming through my soul for a good few weeks. Sometimes to give a message, you have to have the true understanding yourself.

There have been many times where I can tell you I’ve heard God speak through my heart. I mean I really feel so unworthy by how many times that He speaks out of nowhere.
Today if you hear His voice, don’t harden your hearts.
I think if I had to explain what that verse was saying loudly to my own heart, it would be, “ When God speaks, continue to believe its Him.”
I have a quirkiness about me that when a verse comes on my heart, or I hear a song I automatically say, “ Oh that’s weird that I would think that.” But I somehow dismiss how WEIRD it really is, as in it was GOD bringing it to my heart!
Something that just came to my mind is something Priscilla Shrier said awhile back, “ Sometimes you won’t realize God was speaking to you through a situation, until after its over.”
It’s clear though….God speaks to us.
I believe everyone has the ability to hear God speak into their lives, I believe we all have the abiity to hear Him.
Maybe this would help to share with you.
How do you know if God is speaking, or is about to speak to you?
For myself; I can be sitting down not thinking of anything. Suddenly, my heart feels extremely full, and tears start to form in my eyes. Call it hormones if you want to, but I have had this happen often enough to know it is God speaking to my heart. However, I look at it like this. My heart can take in what God speaks differently than my brain. In a way, its like my heart prepares me for what I am about to hear.
As if it begins translating the words of the Spirit so I can understand.
I have also had this feeling when I am walking through the park or someplace where I can feel the wind on my skin, sun on my face, and green grass between my toes. Ezekiel may have said that God wasn’t in the wind, but I can assure you…He is. Before I know it, I am walking through the grass, and singing , “ Amazing Grace.” to myself.
Psalm 19:14
“ May the meditation of my heart, and words of my mouth be pleasing in your sight Oh God.”

The heart has to be ready to hear God speak.
This is how I could better explain this moment.
In the movie, “ Soul Surfer,” Bethany Hamilton was told by her father how to feel for the huge wave, and not go for just any wave, but that perfect one.
He told her to be patient in the times the water was at a stillness, and to just wait.
We have to do the same thing. We have to realize God isn’t on our timing.
If we are waiting to hear Him speak, and it takes a little longer than we want. Perhaps, instead of being discouraged that God isn’t speaking. Instead, just be eager. Just be excited. Just believe with everything you have that you are going to hear Him.
A warning I have for you though. Don’t listen to everyone around you. Don’t let people decide for you what God is saying to you, and what He isn’t. Remember that people are human, and they make mistakes. Sometimes what they say God is speaking to you is all from their own best interest. Sometimes they say its Him to try to bring false hope to your life. Sometimes they say its Him to lead you astray and on a completely different path then the one chosen for you.

More than likely though, God will speak to you and others will confirm what He said.

Believe me, I am the poster child for this. I have been so easily influenced and so easily trusting that I was led into some serious wilderness.
But I also can tell you, even in that wilderness…I heard God speak.
I think it comes down to His presence in our lives. His voice is His presence. And just because we don’t think we received an answer…
doesn’t mean we haven’t.
So next time you hear a verse spoken more than once in a day or a few, or you hear a song out of the blue you haven’t heard in ages….
Don’t chalk it up as coincidence…
Just tell yourself…God is speaking to my heart about this or that right now…and I WILL be patient and listen close.
“ My sheep know my voice.”
You will recognize God speaking to you. He created us to have that relationship with Him.
It’s been that way from the beginning.

But how many truly listened to His voice enough to trust what was spoken?

Will you?

7 thoughts on “LSOF: The Perception of God’s Voice

  1. Angie,
    This is so true. Often we doubt it could be God talking to us, but the more we listen to Him, the more we hear Him. I no longer believe in coincedences, I KNOW they are God’s voice.
    To hearing Him daily.


  2. It’s like we are an instrument that must be tuned to the sound of His voice. We won’t hear Him unless we purpose to listen and we are continuously listening. Like Samuel, we have to say, “Here I am, God. I’m listening.”


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