LSOF: The Perception of Worship

I was raised Catholic. I made my Communion, I crowned the Blessed Mother, and made my Confirmation.
I remember being in church and being excited when the Choir played a familiar song,
” Jesus the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world…”
I remember being so happy when I finally was able to receive communion. I used to walk up with my Aunt even though I couldn’t receive yet just to be close enough to the experience.
I remember my white dresses my mom made for me and my sister. I remember sitting down with the Priest in a little room and confessing my sins, I remember Holy Water that was at the entrance of the church, and also the stain-glass windows.

When I was 17, I decided I wanted to try a different church. I was young and I wanted to be somewhere where people talked to each other, and prayed with each other. I wanted to learn more of the Bible,
and I wanted to get to know Jesus in a way I just never did while in the Catholic church.

Since I was 17, I’ve experienced other places of Worship.

I’ve experienced the Baptist, Pentecostal, and the ever so popular, ” NON-DENOMINATIONAL”-
which I can tell you that they always lead towards a denomination, because the Pastor started in some denomination, so therefore, you can expect that there would be a flavor of that denomination in his messages. It’s just the reality.

I’ve experienced music in church from Choirs at the Catholic church, to rock and roll in others…

But in all this something occured to me the other day. Am I worshipping in a way that will do God justice?
and glorify Him alone? Am I attending a church under the obligation of people, or out of the love I have for Jesus?

” After the music fades, and all is swept away and I simply come…”

After 29 years of my life, this year has been the awakening for me with my faith….
How much value does worship have over my heart?

I attended a church with a friend a week ago. I forgot to ask them how I should dress.
She said it was non-denominational, but I still didn’t know what to expect for the dress code.

I walked in and sat down. The music began to play. Dresses, and black suits were a swarm around me.
Hymns were sung. People didn’t always stand. No one clapped or danced. No one had there hand raised to the sky. I felt like I had gone back 14 years to the beginning of my old church.

The Pastor gave an awesome message on how God asks us not to love the things of the world.

It occured to me. Until that moment. Was I really glorifying God by how I was worshipping Him?

Now I don’t know if that is a place I’ll attend more, but I can tell you the message is clear:

God does not need to have a band on stage, A shouting preacher, casual dress, popular music, Fill-in the blank messages, People falling down ” slain the spirit”, speaking of tongues, praying the rosary, sign of the cross…

He just wants our heart. He wants to know our heart is ALL for Him.

Nothing we can do in church could ever be worth more.
And more or less comes down to our own entertainment.
Our own selfishness, We somehow let it sneak in that it is all about us.

It’s NOT about us.

Too many churches get caught up in that.
Motions will ware you out.
But a real heart for worship can make you forget there is anyone
there but you and God.

That’s what is enough for me.

And God is God.
He already knows He is enough.

2 thoughts on “LSOF: The Perception of Worship

  1. You know, when you started talking about no clapping, etc., I thought you were headed toward criticism of that church. I was refreshingly surprised and pleased to hear your conclusion. I think you are so right, and I thank you for sharing that little dose of humility.


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