LSOF: The Perception of Change

” The only constant is change.” – Unknown

We talk about change all the time. Change of season. Change of life. Change of jobs.
But what does it look like to us? How do we view it? or How are we SUPPOSED to view it?

The whole basics of perception is that the way in which you perceive things will be how you will be affected by it.

So therefore how we view change is how what happened will affect the rest of our life, or the outcome altogether.

Change is a process. It might happen overnight, but it takes a long time at times, to completely accept, and not live in denial that it has happened.

Some changes in life paralyze us, and we aren’t exactly sure what happen, because we become numb to its unfolding.

I realized personally, that I have actually been grieving the changes that have happened since my move back from Savannah. I am not saying I have lived in bed in depression for a year, or that I’ve spent hours on end staring into space…that’s not it at all.

Grieving doesn’t mean you live everyday crying your eyes out. It means that you just easily acknowledge that parts of your life are not the same as they once were. It’s as if a part of you seems to be missing,
or out of place.

It is a tough ticket to take, but it is a responsibility. We have to learn to see change not as a direct obstacle to our future, but instead a stepping stone. A stone that will HELP us further into what is ahead.

And from change we learn perseverance, we learn how to grow from what has happened, instead of living with constant pain from it all.

I will say this though. Change is not easy. It is not meant to be. It is possible to come to accept.
But it takes US, it takes us making that decision to keep walking through it as it happens. It takes us acknowledging what has happened.

When I moved back from Savannah, I came back with my friend dying, my church family leaving 4 weeks after I moved, and I was forced to work at a minimum wage job and live at home with my parents.
This trend seemed to continue up until about a month ago.

I have had a lot of change happen. It was a whiplash. It was something that happened all at once that I hadn’t realized I had not experienced it.

I didn’t until this last week at church.

I am not sure how familiar you are with the story of Lazarus and Jesus in the Bible, but the deal is that Lazarus passed away. He and Jesus were good friends. There is actually a part of story where it says,
” Jesus wept”. And yet after a few days he raises his friend from the dead.

I heard this story three times in one weekend, and from 3 different sources.

And what I think God is saying was when it comes to change that there is a time to grieve, but then there is a time where we do have to know that we have to trust God knew better along along, and that He will carry us through it all.

He said to my heart the other day, ” If you say you trust me, then that’s what you need to do.”

And I’ll be honest, because of change I’ve found it hard to pray. Because I KNOW God changes things,
so somehow I had it figured out in my brain that if I don’t tell Him about things,
then He won’t change them.

Yea, because that’s how He rolls…NOT.

He is going to do things His way whether we like it or not, because this life is temporary,
and He is trying to help us to become better everyday, so we will change enough,
that we will one day in heaven be just like Him.


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