The Untitled Ramblings Of Me

The Untitled Ramblings of Me

Took a look back at life
Realized how many people have been
Like passings strangers
They have their say, they might show a new dance to the routine of the journey, but if I noticed where the voice was coming from or who the tap shoes belonged to.
Then they disappeared quickly from sight.
They all wanted to have their say, they all danced the streets of life a different way.
Some decided their journey was better, even though deep inside they felt as if they walked a maze.
And many times I became as lost as they have been.
And many times I started to speak like them.

But in all of those I met who have disappeared from sight.
I was able to see more of me, discover my voice, and the way my feet could dance.

My voice is my own.
My dance has it’s own beat.

My journey is clearer to me more everyday.

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