LSOF: Memories and a Journey

I received a text from my sweet friend Fran today, and it simply said this:
“ Colorado will do your heart good!”

My friend knows my story well, and I’m going back to visit in 3 days!
You’d have to know me a little bit to know why this visit is a huge to me.

I want to share first the huge reason I know God opened the door to bless me to go back to visit Colorado, and that was to meet my friend Joanne Heim. She had a stroke Jan 2011, and she has been in recovery since. We text back and forth about how we really feel about life at the moment, and we’ve shared some struggles in different context. It was after seeing we had written similar blog posts that got me to realize God was leading me back there again, and I did not have a clue that He would give me that opportunity. It has been a true blessing to know that He did.
I’m also going to see my sweet siestas Holly and Kate too, and I have no doubt it is going to be such fun times!
Colorado just has such a special place in my heart with real special people that live there!

This next thing I want to share is why Colorado is ultimately my favorite place, and why I feel God literally placed blessings in giftwrap just for me when I went the first time:

It all started when I was in high school reading, “ Rachel’s Tears,” the story of Rachel Scott.
My Pastor had come up to me at church and said he was thinking of me one morning, and of course I asked him, why, and he replied, “ Because I was thinking of Rachel Scott, you remind me of her.”
I previously had her name in my mind after going to Aquire the Fire, and I felt led to read about her.
She was so similar to me. Her heart for God was so loving, and so faithful. She had the same fears of being different that I had, and not feeling like she fit in. She was a writer like me. Like me she would spend hours just writing to God, just telling Him about her day, her inner thoughts, and her struggles with life and her own faith. When I first read the book, I was so amazed, because I had not ever known anyone in my life that could relate to my own story as much as hers did.
I read the first and second books…and then I became apart of the Rachel Scott message board and met some people who were also encouraged by Rachel’s story, but what I loved so much about it was we all became friends, we all were a support system. I eventually was asked to be a board moderator, which I really enjoyed, because I took off a little bit of a burden from the webmaster, and some of Rachel’s family who also moderated.
Valerie Haile- King was actually one of those friends I met over the message board. She didn’t talk much, but I just felt led to talk to her more. We emailed over and over, and eventually had our 2hr phone calls.
She was actually Rachel’s friend, and amazing enough, we related beyond that completely. Val has been there for me many times, and I’ve been able to be there for her. Who would have thought that through Rachel’s story that it would bring me miles all the way to Colorado to meet a new friend.
I found myself visiting Colorado when out of the blue I receive a call from my mentor who asked me if I would be interested in a job proposition, she said the only catch was moving out to Colorado.
I didn’t take the job, but obviously I felt very led to visit. So I went, and it was beyond awesome.
I got to meet Val. Last time I was there we walked through Columbine, and she introduced me to Rachel at the cemetery. We also spent a few minutes praying. It was such a sweet moment.
One of my favorite things she has ever said to me,
“ Ang, you do more for people in a day, then most care to do in a month.”

It’s a friendship that I really believe would not have been there if not for God.

Flash forward, its 2011, Val is married, and she has a child.
We get to see each other again as adults, as people with career-minded lives.
We get to talk about our similar job positions. We get to talk about anything.
We get to talk, because God opened the door for me to visit again.

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