LSOF: He is still God

I think we all love and long for those specific moments in our lives that remind us that God is still God.  To just know that He still has had a handle all along on our lives, and answers prayers that seem just so far out of reach.

I mean I’m not sure what that looks like for you in your life, but I can tell you I’ve watched Him bring things back round full circle.  Everything turned out okay.  There was no pain left, and no grudges. Just His love.

I love those moments where you can just see his workmanship, so delicately and so intricately chosen for that specific time of life, that specific very second.

I’m engaged to a wonderful man who without God would not be in my life right now.  We both had a lot to work on, and neither one of us thought we’d ever be together again.  2 years went by, and now we are ready to get married with everything we are, and something inside us, well…it just meshed.

I’ve seen a few awesome moments like that happen just recently, where I knew that the situation was completely God-led, and the power of His love just radiated through and through.

I love miracles, and I’ll never get tired of them. I’ll never get tired of hearing the sweet still small voice when I’m in the middle of noise. He stops me where I am and reminds me that He is there, He is STILL there.

I think God does bless us to remind us who He is, and that He still keeps promises. I do believe a rainbow still shows that promise, and even the leaves that fly through the air.

He is still moving.  He is still God.

His footprints will be the only ones that never disappear from our lives.  I think that can be hard to take in sometimes, but hanging onto Him, knowing He will always make everything okay…its a comfort.

I’m not sure what the life ahead looks like.

But I do know as long as I know He still is God.

Then my heart shall never fear.


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