LSOF: The Disappearance of Doubt ( A never-ending journey)

One thing I love about living in Florida is the movement of the ocean. I love watching the waves reach to the shore and meet the artwork in the sand. You could place a footprint right there at the edge and look away for a few minutes. When you look back you will see that your footprint has completely disappeared.

Something that has become more real to me everyday, and still a work in progress is how God’s footprint in our lives never fade away. What I mean by that is that God is not limited for how long He will bless us, and He is definitely not limited with how long He will help us in our healing.

I’m the type of person that due to a lot of negativity in my life, I tend to think the bottom will always be bound to fall out when things in life are just going too good, and I was placed with a real challenge today by someone dear to me,

” But what if it doesn’t?”

The thought honestly was not one I could easily wrap my head around. To believe that for once I might not have to worry, or have a ” Plan B” for something….it is just foreign to me.

So a thought correlated in my brain with all of this. The pit is a place of doubt. The pit is a place where we are not sure we are going to survive if we get out of it. The pit is a place where insecurity rules and security becomes just a mere echo.

I’m not in the pit, but after some thoughts and feelings about some circumstances in my life, I do see how easy I would be to be thrown back into it. I do see that I am at the edge of it. And I do believe its has a lot to do with doubt that God will have control if I start to fall.

So how do we erase this monster called doubt out of our mind. How do we keep it from dancing around in our lives and reak havoc?

I don’t really have much of an answer for you, because I am going through it too, but what I can say is I know that God sees it. I know that in the darkest of moments He still speaks. I do know that He doesn’t want to see us fall after we worked so hard together to get out.

I do know that we are meant to be overcomers. I do know that God is more powerful that our thoughts and our emotions. I do know that at the end of the day the sun may have set, but there is still light from the moon and stars.

So while I may doubt that my creator will handle even my littlest of problems, I do know that He see that they are happening.

I got some work to do. Little steps of faith, indeed.

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