LSOF: ” My Grown-up Christmas List.”

LSOF: “ My Grown-up Christmas List.”

I love Christmas. I love the story behind it all. I love giving. I love spending time with those I love, and just sharing my heart with those who need it.

I feel like I got a late start this time. I did the rush of getting out the Christmas cards, the gift buying, and my brain just feels like Christmas came too early.

While there are Christmas lights around the neighborhood, Christmas tree in living room, and Christmas music on the radio..

I just don’t feel like I am READY, for it yet.


I make poem snowglobes every year, and its funny how what my heart is very willing to give into the holiday right away, and yet physically and emotionally…I am just not there.

I wonder if I’m the only one who has felt this way.

–          Seasons change throughout the year, but sharing our hearts should not be saved for Christmas alone.

I wrote that—-


If I really listened to my own words then I wouldn’t feel rushed. I would remember that Christmas is about Jesus all year, every moment.  It is about sharing, and giving at all times.

So I decided my prayer, or my “ Grown-up Christmas List,” that I’m asking God to restore my heart out of the busyness and just help me to “REMEMBER” not just what the season means, but Christmas itself.

Do you know what Christmas is about? Or do you need the reminder too….


And if you have anyone in your life that it is hard to spend time with this season, regardless of the circumstances, then I encourage you to put your pride down and share the heart of Christmas.

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