LSOF: ” You hold my world in your hands.”

I love the song, ” Healer,” and I’ve actually had it on repeat most of the day.
” Nothing is impossible for you, Nothing is impossible for you…You hold my world in your hands.”
Those lyrics just hit my heart so deeply, and I seriously feel tears well up from the depth of my soul.


Everything we are. Everything we do. All that we say. All that we write.

He has the control.

I think there are times when you listen to a song and depending on how you feel will be on how it hits you.

I REALLY need the reminder of how NOTHING is impossible for our God. I mean its so easy to say I BELIEVE it…but its another to TRUST it.

I have spent so much of my life worried on how I might not quite make it as far as others.
I wrote a poem in college that said, ” I guess I’ll wear Vaseline on my teeth so my smile never fades.”

But I’m not that girl anymore.

I’m not that girl anymore, because God decided to smack me upside the head one day, spiritually speaking.
I truly believe that God gets tired of our whining. I truly believe that because this life isn’t really about us that He is not going to sit there and let our opportunities pass by without a fight.
” The Lord your God will fight for you, You need only to be still.” (Exodus 14:14)

But my world is in His hands. And He is not going to crush it by forgetfulness, or because it’s not perfect…

He will never forget me, and I walk towards perfection one day at a time.

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