LSOF: Where I’m Found

” I don’t want to go somewhere
If I know that You’re not there
‘Cause I know that me without You is a lie
And I don’t want to walk that road
Be a million miles from home
‘Cause my heart needs to be where You are
So I don’t want to go…” – Avalon

” That I may be found in him…”
(Philipians 3:9)

I was laying down on my bed going through old Youtube videos on my television. It’s like looking back at old photos of my past. My favorites at the time, and what songs, or messages really dug deep into my heart.
I came across Beth Moore and the message, ” God’s Purpose for Your Life.”- Part 3.
And I have heard it before, but this time was a little different, because of what I’m struggling with:

I’m struggling with ME. I’m struggling with putting myself aside and going after what He has for me.

Part of me doesn’t want to lose who I used to be. Because part of me thinks I’m not ready to be that ME.

So as I laid here thinking and listening to the video, and then different music I thought of Philipians 3:8…and that what God has for ME, absolutelty has NOTHING to do with me.


At the end of the day, regardless of how successful I feel, or how many mistakes I might have made; regardless of, how many people I dealt with that were difficult, how much traffic I encountered, and what job I did during the day…


I had something interesting happen this week. I have something I’m preparing for, and I bought a book on that particular thing to help me. And I did listen to it here and there. But then I stopped.
WELL, someone sent me something in email to help me, and because of the source of where it came from it really spoke volumes to me when I saw this person sent me a portion of the audiobook in hardcopy form!!!

It was as if God had said, ” I’m giving you the tools, now the question is our you going to utilize them?”

My success is not found in me, My success is found in Christ…it always goes back to Him.

And understand this when I say I really struggle with pushing myself out of the way for God to use me. But I think its just something He knows about me, and is helping me to overcome.

I am going to say something from my own heart to you that may need to hear it like I did:
You are beautiful, You are successful, You are courageous, You are intelligent, You are compassionate…

Just bring the focus back to where you are found….because its the only place you will be.

In Him.

Start something beautiful…self confidence 🙂

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