LSOF: Loving Unconditionally in a Conditional World

I was raised to love. We all were. But we don’t’ all know it.
I didn’t know it. Love had to find me and show me.

It is our real purpose in this life. Beyond it all.

God taught me that love comes in different ways, and I’ve learned most from
Him these last few years then anything I could ever read in a self-help book,
and I had to search for myself beyond 1 Corinthians 13.

Love comes with sacrifice, we may not want to give up
something, but it was shown to me the beauty that resulted from it.

Love comes with patience, we may feel like we need things to
change in the moment, but what I’ve learned most is that the changes in my own
heart outweighed the changes in the moments. The wait was worth it.

Love is present, and the best of us is only a result of the love shown to us.
God loves us so much that He takes time to show us He loves us by how we
can recognize His presence in our lives. There is nothing more amazing then
realizing His footprints in our lives.

Love takes all forms and it depends on where its needed in how its given.

I think for one, listening shows a lot of love.
Just knowing someone can hear you out,and can just be there in the rough times.
Just literally listening and giving little advice.
Sometimes that is the best love you can show to anyone.
Emptying the heart of the pressure
of life, and “ pushing the reset button” by our tears.
We just sometimes need to do it.

I think words show a lot of love too, but in how they are spoken.
It is so easy to mean well in saying something, but it depends on the situation
and the person in how it is taken.
Sometimes words can only be spoken by being unspoken.

Love is truthful, telling someone something with complete honesty
and with your heart is so good.
People need to be let in or let down on something gently.
Truth in love is a beautiful thing.

Love is creative, it never comes at the times we truly expect it.
It may take for of a stranger on the street who hands you their last $20 bill,
A ministry who blesses you with tickets to an event,
A friend who wants to treat you on their birthday,
a gift that someone thought you would love
just because, The workplace where someone taught you value in yourself,
A rainbow in the sky that reminds us of God’s promise,
A movie that says just the right words or story, A song with
the perfect lyrics…it takes all forms.

We are shown love.
It starts with God.
This world has taken God out of it,
and makes us feel as if we are loving from a distance.
Like we have to search for it.
Like there is a new way of having to go about it.

Love hasn’t changed.
It was created by God.
It is us who have changed
what it is.

I’m not going to go through the list of what love is not,
because we already have an idea.

But I will just end saying…

Love IS.

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