LSOF: Fears that paralyze us


WE ALL HAVE FEARS – As children we might have had fear of the dark, or monsters under the bed.   Those fears are normal, for the most part, unless you were that child that constantly awoke in the middle of the night with, “ night terrors.”

WE STILL HAVE THESE FEARS– But in a different context…

WE STILL HAVE FEAR OF THE DARK… Think of the things in the future that we are afraid might happen, or how a situation might turn out.

WE STILL FEAR WHAT MIGHT LURK UNDER OUR BEDS. ..We are afraid of those things that we have experienced in life that maybe at any moment, “ might” try to bring disaster to our lives. Whether it be past experiences with people, or an event in your life that you are afraid that if it came out in the open it would be devastating.

Regardless, FEAR IS SCARY.

Fears can be like, “ night terrors,” to our lives as adults, and almost paralyze us from taking our next steps, or maybe even next breath at times.

What we have to come to understand is that fears ARE NOT  the realities themselves. They don’t always affect our lives ALWAYS regardless of what we may have experienced in our past.

One of my fears I’ll share with you that keeps me paralyzed sometimes, and I have to be reminded by God about that is NOT ALWAYS  true is the fear of rejection.

Let me just share with you that I don’t fear rejection, I fear the fear of rejection. Maybe you do too, and maybe you can understand this with me.

I am an encourager by nature. I love to tell people that they said something, or wrote something amazing. I love helping them see value in themselves and their work. It is seriously like, “ word vomit,” as if I could not breathe very well if I didn’t speak up.

But because of my fear of rejection, people mistake that encouragement as desperation to keep them around, to keep them from walking away.

It’s kind of interesting, because I googled, “ The encourager and the fear of rejection,” and I saw written out, “ People fear rejection and encouragers help them to see past their fear.”  That is sort of an oxymoron in a case like mysefl.

I am a real “ Words of affirmation” girl,  and so this also plays into that my love language is letting people know I love them, or that I think they are amazing.


The closer we get to knowing Jesus is the closer we come to not just realizing our fears, but that He will dissect them before our eyes and show us the bits and pieces we had not seen before.

Love will never invoke fear.  Perfect love expels fear… (1 John 4:18, The Voice)

And He will be leading you. He will be with you, and He will never fail you or abandon you. So don’t be afraid. ( Deuteronomy 31:8, The Voice) 

What do you fear? What is it that is lurking under your bed that you have stored there for years, what is it that you are afraid of for the future?

We need to learn to make what God has planned more of our reality, and let fears be just what they are, fears, that have no power over our lives.

Let’s take that challenge together.

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