LSOF: Reaching for what is real

I remember taking a visit to the west coast of Florida a few years ago.  I love the gulf beaches; they are so calm, and so serene. This peaceful place is also perfect for doing what I love to do most and that is to search for seashells, sand dollars, and shark teeth.

At one point, I had to go back to the car to grab something, and I clearly can envision how far the distance was from the beach.  In my wandering back I had it on my heart to search for a shark tooth.   Let me just add, that I was a MILE from the actual ocean. The sand was hot, and every part around me dry like desert. My bright idea was definitely a far-fetched one.

Something caught my glimpse below my feet within a few minutes. I picked it up and placed it in my hand. I am sure a smile appeared on my face as I realized I was holding a shark tooth in my hand!

I started to run back as fast as I could to show my mom, but suddenly in mid “flight” I looked down at the sand once more; I picked up the black shiny object into my hand once more.

In my left hand I had the object I found earlier, and in my right I carried the new one.

And I felt God speak to my heart:

“ What you hold in your left hand has no importance, its a stray shell, broken to pieces, but you thought it was real, and I had to stop you from believing that, because I love you enough to not just tell you the truth, but show you. “

What a message.

We think we know better.

I think sometimes the fact that God knows better is hard for us, because we have a hard time,

—“ Getting over ourselves”—-

But we need to start paying more attention for these “Divine Interruptions,” and let God take the time to show us what is really meant to be in our lives, and what is not.

We will be forced to come out of our comfort zones, and face ourselves. We learn something that adds to another piece of the puzzle.

So much has stirred through my heart in the past month.  During times of trial the last few months seem to all come together with a “response,” from God.

I’m not sure exactly the exact message He is giving me other than, “ Get over yourself so I can show you what is real.”

Somethings I have learned or done in the process:

–  Make peace with a friend I haven’t spoken to in a year knowing that forgiveness is so vital.

–  Question what I’m learning more, and realize that effective influences have to get the okay from God before we give the okay for them to teach us.

–  I’m being forced to face my deepest fears to take on the calling.

Reaching for what’s real will be worth more than anything temporary in the world can give us.

Reach for what is real in us, and what is real around us.

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