LSOF: Erica’s story 

I told my friend Erica to write out her story tonight. She is one of the sweetest and dearest to my heart that I met while training the team in Kentucky.

When I first met her, I remember she had such a bright smile, and she was excited when she learned I was a Christian, and she told me her favorite verse was Isaiah 40:31. 

“But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” (Isaiah 40:31)

Before I share her story I want to add that we all have fallen short, and off the path at one point or another, but it’s about getting up, rising up, and I’m proud of my young friend for pushing forward.
” Some say that we only talked to God when bad things happen in our lives, but I don’t agree with this. When something good happens to you or you receive good news, you get this feeling that’s indescribable. That feeling is God. He’s there with you though the good and bad no matter if you talk to him or not. 
I’ve lost my way through the years, at 8 years old my mind was not thinking about religion or good or bad. We all went to church every Sunday, and my father carried his Bible everywhere. One day, my father was taken from me and I did not question God or try to understand why. I didn’t lose my faith here. 

6 years later, I was 15 years old; and on my way to church with my mom. We got in a car accident and we were hit head on. I was hardly injured with basic bumps and bruises, but my mom was hurt, and no one would let me see her, and for three hours I prayed to God that He would not take her, I begged Him, I told Him I could not live without my mom. At 9 pm my whole world was taken from me as the doctor came in to speak with me, as I was told then she had not made it to the hospital, I had prayed for three hours not knowing she had already passed away. I was shattered. Shattered. I know now that it wasn’t God that caused it, but I was upset. I was angry that he could take her away from me. I never could understand why. 

I began to fade, someone would mention church or the bible and I would shut it out completely. One day, my teacher pulled me aside and shared with me Isaiah 40:31 and said “You need to hear these words.”  Reading through the passage started to give me hope in God a little more.

I married my husband after I graduated, we had a baby, and after three years we decided to part ways. I was broken, he was my best friend. I was destroyed.

I’m not gonna lie I started seeing this guy who was “picture perfect” but he had a lot of skeletons in his closet and made me questions a lot of things about myself and faith. I was at my lowest. Stressed about money as a single mom and not receiving any child support, work, friendships that ended because of my relationship, etc. 
and then the day of Feb 9th came which was a little under a week of the day my dad passed away 15 years before. Something told me to take a pregnancy test. Two lines appeared. I instantly cried out and thank God for this. I also cried because i was scared and not in a stable relationship that honored Him.

5 months into my pregnancy, several appointment later. It’s a boy!!. 

The father left me and ended our relationship. I got scared. I was going to be doing this alone with an already 3 year old. I began to cry and pray and I opened to the book of Isaiah for comfort, and as I was reading Isaiah 66:9, I felt the baby kick. I instantly knew that I was carrying Isaiah Joseph.

God redeems us from the places we have been, and I’m so thankful for His grace.”

“In the same way I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born,” says the Lord.”  (Isaiah 66:9)

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