This is for you, and me and all of us 😊

It’s okay to follow rules.
It’s okay to keep your morals and values.
Its okay to believe in what you do and who you are.
It’s okay to dream.
It’s okay to pray for even small things.
It’s okay to have things that matter to you personally, even if no one else sees it in the same way.
It’s okay to have your own thoughts, feelings and way of life.
It’s okay to have faith, it’s okay to stand strong when the world tries to break you down.
And it’s okay at the end of everyday to become more of who you want to be.
Sing loud, dance like crazy, Spend time watching old movies, Take a walk and enjoy the sun above…

But love the imperfect you…
beautifully broken you,
that Jesus died for so you could be transformed into the person and have the life that is truly more than you could have ever imagine for yourself. ❤️

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