The Workout


Miguel Bruna

I got up on Saturday and decided that I would finally get the bike out of the shed, it was nearly 95 degrees, but I had a goal, it would be the day after all the tough working out that I would finally attempt to ride a bike again.

After riding about almost two miles, I came to a hill. It was a hill I did dread, because it was pretty steep, and I was not sure I would be able to make it.

As I peddled, I slowly made it up the hill, I felt the top of my thighs to the sides of my knees burn, my muscles were tired, but I had a goal.

I had to make it up that hill, because after that hill, I knew it was down hill, and the ride would be easier, and less resistance….I did make it, and I did ride easier the rest of the way.

Up until that morning, I had done walking outside, I had done running on the elliptical machines, and I had done weight training, I had eaten the foods I needed to, for the most part, let’s just say I learned how to balance what I was eating.  I did all of that for some personal goals, but getting on that bike, I thought as I rode it, how each muscle needs a different workout in order to endure further…and that kept me going, I wanted those leg muscles to become stronger, I wanted to endure further the next time….

The seasons of our lives, and different things that happen in our lives…sometimes we wonder if we will ever get past the tough moments, sometimes we wonder if there is any point of purpose to any of it, something we wonder if God even really sees us from where He is…we become so discouraged, because we can only see what we can see from where we are at that point and time….

But have you ever also experienced coming out of those tough times feeling stronger? Have you ever been able to look back and even see where God was in it all?

Psalm 139 itself, it a beautiful passage of scripture that so helps envision that we are not on this earth to wander aimlessly…

“You have SEARCHED me, and you KNOW me…You KNOW when I SIT and when I RISE….You PERCEIVE  my THOUGHTS from afar…You DISCERN my Going out and my lying down…Before a word is on my tongue, YOU KNOW IT COMPLETELY….You hem me in– behind and before….you have LAID YOUR HAND upon me….Such knowledge is too WONDERFUL for me, to LOFTY for me to attain….WHERE CAN I GO FROM YOUR SPIRIT?…WHERE CAN I FLEE FROM YOUR PRESENCE?…(Psalm 139:1-7)

And at the very end of the Psalm as David continues the declarations of He KNOWS God is always there for him and with him…He ends saying,

” SEARCH ME, O God, and KNOW MY HEART…TEST ME, and KNOW my anxious thoughts…See if there is ANY offensive way in me, and LEAD ME in the way everlasting.” (Psalm 139:23-24)

David knows here that God REALLY knew him, and He is absolutely ready to take whatever it is about himself that God reveals he needs to work out…

David started his life working as a Shephard and before he ever had a crown on his head, he went through SO many trials….

Hear this friends, You will see that if you endure through whatever you go through, that God will honor that, because to endure is to be obedient, to endure is to understand that we all are to be disciplined, and that regardless of where our emotions can come and go believing…We WILL be STRONGER at the finish!



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