When you do not feel you are enough


I wonder what everything has been like for you lately.  I wonder what you thought when you first woke up and realized it was morning.  I wonder what your day consumed of whether it was spending time with your family because of “stay at home,” orders, or if you were working from home, maybe you are a student, or if you are one of the “essential,” workers who are constantly changing gloves, sanitizing your workspaces, and adjusting your masks to be sure you were safe from the invisible virus.

No matter where you are right now, I want you to know, that you have value.

You are enough. Right now, Right this moment.

Some days you may wake up and realize the same routine is starting to overwhelm you, you might be a parent who is homeschooling your child and you feel that palpitations of a migraine begin while trying to remember vocabulary words, and math problems.  “Imaginary numbers? I don’t have a clue what they are anymore.” 

But to your child, you are enough, to your child through their tantrums of wanting to just stop school and play video games, they are glad you are there, to the depth of them they miss their teachers, but someone is teaching them.  They are not ungrateful.

You are enough. Right now, Right this moment. Your children and their teachers are glad you are there.

You could be someone who was laid off work because your position was removed for a time, or maybe the entire company itself has shut down, and you sit home and think, of “what ifs.”

You are doing just fine where you are, you did not choose the wrong position, this is an event in the entire world, and you may not see it now, but your work ethic will increase, your knowledge of what you were not sure you knew before will surprise you, whether you go back to the same position or you choose another, you will find a part of you will fit just fine whatever the case.

You are enough. Right now, Right this moment. You have value to add to any position just being who you already are, you possess what is needed for the future going forward.

You could be that person working from home. You may have dogs barking, babies crying, neighbors yelling etc.  You do your best to bring the same dedication to your job as you do while you are working inside the building. You find there are changes day after day to implement due to the CDC regulations, and you adapt, even if it is frustrating, you know that your company needs you right now, you are keeping people all across the country connected in some way.

You are enough. Right now, Right this moment. You are not just a number.

To the High School Senior, you have spent several hours late at night studying to have the GPA that would help get into the best schools, you may be dual enrolled and would be walking for both high school and college…You wanted to go to Prom, to Grad night, you wanted to travel at this time to check out the colleges that gave you offers…but instead you are home with your family, you are able to finish school online, but the joy of the moments you have waited for have been halted or cancelled because of Covid-19.

You are enough. You might feel like you are not seen right now, and that if you talk about how upset you are that you would seem entitled, but you are entitled to have what you should have had in this time and it is unfair that this virus as costed you so much…

But know you are seen, and if you speak you will be heard. You are struggling to make sense of the past few months as we all are…Thank you for being you and working so hard to go after your dreams. Don’t stop dreaming.

Finally, you could be an “ essential worker,” and you leave for work everyday and come home every night wondering if you did, “ enough,” to keep yourself, your co-workers, your patients, customers, and your family safe from the virus.  Some of you do not even see your family because you come home so late and leave so early or cannot sleep in the same room. Some of you are there on the “front lines,” face to face with the virus itself around you. You watch people fight for their lives, you are the substitute family member holding their hands, and you might even be that person that has to make the “tough,” phone call to the family.

You are enough. You are so enough. Right this moment, in this time and history, you are giving to others in a way they cannot help themselves, you are saving lives as the numbers grow…

I once watched a documentary, “ A Poor Man Shames Us All,” and it talked about a tombstone that could only be moved if “ 100 people gave the same power as one, the same mindset as one…”

To all of us, no matter where we are, who we are, and what we are doing in this time…this is our moment for which we have been created (Esther 4:14), this is our moment to do what we have never done so we can look towards a future we cannot see, but believe with all we have that ….it is there waiting for us.

Thank you for all you are doing right now.



Thank you to unsubsplash.com for image by photographerImage by Kelli McClintock

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