Poetry from the heart

Here I am Lord

                                                                                                     By: Angie Sarich

With a simple heart
On my knees
I know I don’t have much to give
But I ask Lord for you to please
Bring healing, bring love, bring peace
To those that really need it.
Here I am Lord,
With thanksgiving in my soul
Looking to the sky
I know I have been blessed so much
And I would be last to say I deserved it
But I’ll never ask why?
Here I am Lord,
Waiting here in line,
People ahead of me
In such a rush
Looking into their eyes,
I see them pushing through life,
Won’t they stop for a moment
And see what’s really important
Here I am Lord,
I know I don’t have much to give,
But as you have blessed me
I should be a blessing
Because nothing is about me,
It’s about winning souls to heaven.
Live on
( Inspired to write while listening to Blessid Union Of Souls)
Dance in the gentle wind
Learn to fly again
Never cease to believe all that could be.
You are sure of yourself
In a world of uncertainty
And that’s all you need to survive
For strength comes from peace of mind.
Allow the sand to brush over your face
As if you were standing in a whirlwind
of a timeless hourglass.
Faith lives within you
And will outlast all possibilities
that you are at a complete stand still.
Hope is found
in the same place as doubt
they both stir within your mind
But only one leads to an answer.
Concentrate on what you don’t know
and you will gain wisdom
that you couldn’t begin to imagine.
Live on.
Live loud.
And get everything you can
out of this life!
Copyright 2004 Angela Marisa Sarich

The journey taken

By: Angie Sarich


The wind changes its course around me

And I feel a gentle breeze brush my shoulders

As if Gods hand was leading me to a new

Way of life.

The sky is so beautiful, every cloud

Seems to be filled with images of angels,

Just deep serenity surrounding me.

The road under my feet

It isn’t so hard to tread anymore

But I still have the slight feeling

That I might just spread my wings

And be able to just soar through the sky

Without having to endure any hardship a long the way.

It seems as if I am about to enter into another test of my faith

Where I choose to walk to my destinitation with life

Confronting me

Or I could choose to pass it by, and enjoy it later

In my journey.

God has taught me that life isn’t about asking questions

But more understanding what the outcome of things are

The answers are far more closer than I have ever realized

The thing to know is how you go about life

What you do in life, who you become

Is just this,

It is between you and God.

No onelse.

Sure God can talk through others

But you don’t truly get the fullness,

Or the satisfaction, or the sense of being content

Until You meet with Him,

And stay insink what He has already planned.

You have to look at life around you

From a distance, sometimes for a moment

Sometimes months…

But try to learn everything you can

About the life he has already given you

Start from the point you are now,

And work your way back.

The journey will be worth it,

No matter what choice you make.

Because you learned something,

And that is what God wants us to do most

Next to loving others, and our lives,

He wants us to just learn from and appreciate the journey taken.


I wrote this poem for those from Pine Ridge Fellowship who went on the Waveland mission trip.
I am so blessed to be apart of a church that isn’t about changing people, but changing lives….all through love:-) I love you all:-)
A Different Kind
By: Angie Sarich

Have you ever stopped to wonder of
the journey our hearts take each moment
of our lives,
Wherever our eyes find the beauty in
this world, our hearts follow.

A sunset, the laughter of a child,
a flower blooming for the first time….

Its all beautiful, but not just because
of how we see it on the outside,
but because we know the story.

It makes me think of people I know,
and some I wish I had known.

There are some that have such a story,
that I could never find enough words to write
to reflect the beauty within who they are.

There is not a perfect enough melody of music
to describe perfectly how the background
of their life should sound.

I see in those people, a light, filled with such
color that sometimes its often hard to look at
them without smiling.

Love changes lives, and it starts with one heart,
and God ignites something so powerful,
and becomes contaigous to the entire earth.

A true beauty.

I feel very strongly that if enough love
filled this earth,
Hunger would not exist,
Anger would not overcome
Hate would not have room to ever start
And the enemy would have to turn
in a resignation.

So wherever you find beauty, know love
is staring right back,
and can take on anything
if we let it.


Whatever you do, Always do it with your heart
By: Angie Sarich
They say that life forever changes
The scenery that we thought we knew
Brings tears to our eyes
Because we realize memories can only make
images last a couple seconds longer
For the rest of our lives.
But in the crossroads of our changes
We realize that is it worth so much more
To just appreciate everything that comes and goes
The lives we had in the beginning,
To the friends we met along the way
That forever will be imprinted within us.
One legacy can create a thousand,
Just by sometimes looking at a person
From a different perspective
Than they’ve told you, or you’ve
Experienced by first impression.
Everyone has such worth in this world
But not everyone knows how much
Not everyone has ever been told a simple,
“ You know, what you do really means a lot.”
We can help build that person up as well as ourselves
Just by using the right words, and
Doing things with a smile, and
Just remembering to do our best in all we do.
So Whatever you do in this life from this day, to the last
Always do it with your whole heart,
Because the greatest appreciation one can show in this life,
Is to know completely and truly that it was done with complete
Thought, Passion, and Enthusiam.
Because in the end, it won’t matter how popular we were, or all we
accomplished in a work day,
They will just remember our heart and all we strived to be
on the inside.
You Believed
By: Angie Sarich~
The sunlight turned from your face
and the wind started to beckon in
A shadow of doubt started to enter your soul
And yet you still believed.
They called you names like, ” Holy Roller,” and ” Almighty”,
and spit on what you knew to be true.
And yet you still believed.
I am so proud of my child
In the depths of the darkness
You called out my name,
in fear you didn’t run too far.
you fell to your knees and prayed.
I created you, and yet
I am amazed at the life you lead
I gave you free will to serve me,
and yet you have gone far beyond.
You were lost in the confusion that life brings
People handed you illegal things,
you let them fall through your fingers to the ground.
In the temptations of this world,
You still believed.
I knew you were never gonna be perfect,
I wanted you to just be you.
and you believed,
Even when your heart felt shattered in pain,
you believed,
when you saw those pills sitting on the counter,
you believed,
When the blade sat next to your skin,
you believed,
When anothers life, was in your control,
you believed.
When you saw the bottle of vodka under the counter, inches away,
you believed,
When those you love, walk away,
you believed,
When you didn’t have to. YOU DID.
” Well done, good and faithful one,
Great is your reward.”
I wrote this poem tonight for my friend whose mom passed away. Hopefully it encourages you too.
With and Without
By: Angie Sarich
The sun is silenced by the clouds
the water falls from the sky
as the avalanche
of emotion covers the soul.
You fall to the ground
gasping for breath
because the transition
you life has taken
Is to much to take in.
But I know you,
The strength in you
it out weighs many,
and your heart
it carries the closure
you have helped others have
throughout the years.
People like you are rare.
I know this time
You feel like a smile
is as far as the horizon,
but thats the just the darkness of reality,
that your mind can only fathom at the moment.
I know without doubt that there is flame
within you, that burns brighter
than the pain you feel.
Look into yourself, see the beauty
that you carry within everyday.
And through this, you will overcome.
I know this. Without a doubt.
Somewhere from inside
By: Angie Sarich
The thunder cracks loudly
and the winds becomes so fierce
that the peace once known
Disappears without a trace.
The air becomes so thick
without warning
the rain pours down
in burns everything it touches.
The ground begins to shake
Creating new crevices
Giving more damage to the foundation below,
It used to be a paradise
Pure without any blemish
And the the sun shined so bright
it was blinding
Now this world, it floods with pain
Hurt, and suffering
The catatrophe cost much of
Its value.
It will never be the same again.
Innocence lost
One night, in the rainstorm.
My Baby Girl
By: Angie Sarich
I know you are in heaven
And that God holds you close to His side
The star in your eye is His reflection
And though you can’t speak yet
you are singing His praises on the inside.
What I would give my sweetheart
To be with you now
If you were on the otherside of the ocean
I would take that journey without hesitation
I’d figure a way somehow.
But where you are
I am unable to follow right now
I still have to travel awhile
before I even reach half way to you
You are my little angel, and I am proud of you
without ever meeting you
Because you are a child of God like your momma.
Take care my baby, I will see you in God’s time.
Something to encourage you
By; Angie Sarich
The tide keeps coming in
Flooding her with memories
She feels like she wants to escape
A tear falls from her eyes…
Suddenly, her heart begins to speak aloud,
“ The storm may last awhile longer
In my mind
But I know,
The sunlight is shining on my skin,
I Know I’ll be okay.”
And now with that belief following her every step…
She never could dance on her own
With such joy.
She never could stand so strong
For all she believed
She never could speak those words
She was always afraid to say at all.
But because hope lies deep within her heart,
It will always find away to overcome
The hopelessness of her mind.

Everything Eternal…
By: Angie Sarich
He stretches out farther than the horizon, twice around the earth
to every grain of sand, to every spec of the universe.
He started out in the beginning, but will never end.
Ways completely unimaginable
Thoughts too extraordinary to even comprehend
He is all that is, and forever will be.
As so the night reaches day, so He will forever remain.
I am His forever, in my heart He will always stay close.
A dream that cannot be taken, a voice that calls from within, and
will not be kept silent.
My rock that cannot be moved, or shaken,
Steady, tall, and with more power than can ever be fathomed
He is God.

One thought on “Poetry from the heart

  1. lovely words lovely thoughts.
    Whatsoever things are lovely whatsoever things are true whatsoever things are of good report think on these things if there be any virtue if there be any praise think on these things.


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