Friends I met through Blogworld….

I have been an active blogger since 2006, and these are pictures of people I’ve met along the way 🙂

These are pretty much my favorite people in the world.

Kate, Joanne, Holly, and Me while I visited Colorado 🙂







Fran and Me at So Long Insecurity and Deeper Still 2010.

Janice Eagerton and me while I visited her in South Carolina 🙂

Pam Case and me 

Jenny Hope and me:)

Lindsee Eddy(Lindsee Lou, Works at LPM)  and me at  So Long Insecurity Simulcast 🙂

Me and Lisa Mckay, ” The Preacher’s Wife

me and mandy thompson


shelly ” to know him” and me


miranda brown and me


Georgia Jan a.k.a mama moonflower and me



Some more pictures of us

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