LSOF: Fear not….when praying

Isaiah 41:13
For I am the LORD, your God,
who takes hold of your right hand and says to you,
Do not fear; I will help you.

I woke up this morning in this silence. It was 10:30am. Still no phone call from either job on the “finalities” of
schedule. I sigh. Yet I just stay silent.

I notice that there are really horrible storms happening in some areas good friends are living in.
I get on twitter to see that these friends are dealing with severe flooding, and they are scared out
of their wits about ” tornadoes.”
I didnt’ say I would pray for them. I just said, ” I am sorry to hear about that. stay safe.”
It was a good time to be praying though. Yet I stayed silent.

I know better than to tell someone I am going to pray for them. I know better, because when you say you
will and then you don’t…you could actually mess with their lives. It sounds crazy, but I promise you its not.

I finally did speak to God this morning. I was becoming really anxious about the job situations.
So I just sort of began to speak to God. I began to just tell Him that I’m sorry for being silent.
But I was afraid to pray….

What. I was AFRAID to pray..

It occured to me that, because I’ve seen God change things around me and in others lives so much, that its the
fear in believing that He will hear that prayer too. It’s the fear that He might change something I might not be
ready for Him to change.

I did pray for my friends dealing with the storms, I told Him to just make them move through fast.
It’s 3:07pm, and I have been told all of them have died down. My prayer was answered.

I mean of course I know I wasn’t the only one praying, but sometimes God will call us to pray, and sometimes
when He does, its because He knows He can count on us. He needs to know that we care about the situation or
person as He does.

I’m praying for a friend right now that just kinda goes in and out of “existence” she blogs and shares all about
her life, and then just disappears from sight for a few months. This time knowing everything I know about her,
I have to say that I know I need to be praying for her. I know that she needs my prayers right now.

I had a dream the other night. It was a strange, ” Alice in Wonderland” type dream, and I am NOT joking. I
actually remember trying to ask if it was a ” dream” during it. I just got funny looks.
But the part of the dream that really got me was when I was in this house. There were all sorts of noises and
shadows. But the end of it really scared me, but at the same time taught me a lesson.

I saw a door open slightly, then close. It was far away in the other room so I couldn’t tell for sure,
so I got closer, and I heard it open and close again. I grabbed ahold of my cat,
and then went closer.

Suddenly it swung all the way open, and stayed open. And I run out of the house and then wake up.

Its when it occured to me. We can be just as afraid of God doing things in our lives, as we can be afraid of
waiting for Him to do things in our lives.

I know of some friends who have big changes about to happen in their lives. I am praying so hard for them.
I am sure that what is happening is completely God and I am so happy for them.
I am not afraid of what He is going to do with them, because so much change is happening for them that
I have to let God just have it.

I guess what it comes down to is. Knowing when to pray, and then what to pray. Not necessarily how to pray.
Just talking to God. Just telling Him what’s on your heart.

Just being still…but NOT silent.