LSOF poetry: Art

A Work of Art
By: Angie Sarich

It begins within the pores
Of a white pallet.
Emerald vines weep through,
And cover each side;
As if they were the curtains,
Opening up the stage of the soul.
Footprints are placed along
The path in slight watercolors.
The sea of forest is full of eerie shadows,
As dawn breaks it breathes light
Onto white orange blossoms
Covering the branches.
Eagles soar above, and seem to have conversation
With the nature below.
The grass sways if they were hypnotized by
Tchaikovsky’s “ Swan Lake”.
A few old leaves cover the ground
By a sparkling stream,
As if it was the boundary line,
Of life and death.
Sunset starts to follow in the shadows,
And then the moon begins the night.
It centers in a piece of beauty
That is rarely seen in the twilight.
A single rose with few thorns keeps her posture,
And her dignity is strong within her.
Tonight is her debut,
The audience awaits.
She shares her story,
And is given a standing ovation.